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Find the road to your dreams with Consultants Go Overseas. At Go Overseas Consultants, we are keen to help you develop a special, personalised educational course. Having gained exclusive partner status with some of the world's best universities, we will help you tailor your career and counterattack obstacles to achieve your career goals. Our facilities include academic counselling, assessment preparation, support on college applications, career advice, visa screening and immigration advice

Since the establishment of Go Overseas Consultants has become a prominent and reputable Business in India 's international education sector due to our highly skilled management and high visa success rate with nearly 100 percentile satisfaction of customers.


Becoming the industry leader in providing the students with one-stop career options abroad and assisting them to accomplish their goals via comprehensive job counselling & support, creating value for our university partners and all other stakeholders.


Guiding students to attain their highest potential with providing the utmost success through opportunities across globe.


We are customer centric organisation with single mindset to promote the highest standards of overseas education prevalent in diverse segments of student community across India. To maintain the high standards of services we have industrialized a robust network and business acquaintance with abundant university across the globe.

We have set goals to achieve with continual betterment of ourselves daily. We thrive to succeed our goals to scale ourselves for being one of the best educational consultants overseas bringing the exceptional students to reconnoitre the global education, we would accompany them in their joy and support them in this joyful experience. Keeping in the sturdy relationship we build with each for the long run.

Our sole mission is to embark a brand that signifies all the necessary needs that are catered to the overseas educational services . Thereby creating a brand bridging the global education universities with the aspiring students worldwide.